6 Steps to Tell if a Bingo Hall is Haunted

Haunted houses are familiar features on Halloween and other spooky times of the year. But haunted bingo halls? It turns out you can’t escape ghostly visitors even when you go to play bingo. Several bingo halls in the UK have their own ghosts, including a man in grey in Surrey, and a man in green in Kent. Ghostly noises have been heard in bingo halls, including the cries of children and footsteps when the building is empty. People have even organised ghost tours and ghost hunting expeditions to find out what the cause of the unusual happenings is.

If you want to know whether your bingo hall, or your home, is really haunted, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Check for Unusual Noises and Sounds

It is difficult to do this when the bingo hall is busy, but turn up early before crowds or be the last to leave. You may be able to hear footsteps when there is no one around, slamming sounds as doors are closed, knocking, or voices – people have reported hearing ghostly cries in some bingo halls that are believed to be haunted.

  1. Did You Close the Door?

Take careful note of whether you left a door open or closed, or a light on or off. It could be a sign that you are visited by a spirit if the door is shut when you definitely opened it, or when lights turn themselves on and off.

  1. Did You Lose Something?

If items keep disappearing then reappearing in a spot you knew you looked in, it could be the sign of the item being taken by a spook for a few days. If bingo hall employees complain of losing things in the building, this could be the reason.

  1. Look for Unusual Shadows

Did you see something out of the corner of your eye when playing bingo? Pay attention to it. The shadow could be in the form of a human, or something different.

  1. Watch Out for a Strange Touch

Notice if you feel like you are being watched when you are alone in the bingo hall. Or you may notice the touch of something on your arm when you are in an empty room.

  1. Watch for Moving Objects

A sure sign of ghosts in the bingo hall would be pens moving by themselves across tables, or pictures sliding from the walls.

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