Berita Terkini – An Innovative Economic Scheme to Keep Poverty at Bay!

Poverty is back-breaking to deal with. Luckily, Barisan National Government of Malaysia values the issue pretty high. Kick-starting with the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysian economic reform program in the year 2012, the government aimed at cutting down poverty ratio. The program did rope in success but reformations has been rolling out since. Lately, it is the Berita Terkini that has taken the world by a storm (in a good way ofcourse). Upgraded schemes of payment and higher pay outs to the pauperized mass helps tackle the problem of ‘Poverty’ in an effective way. Wondering, whether the fiscal reformation act is just to promote welfare of underprivileged families? Indeed, true but the government also aims at making the country a financial hub in no time with mushrooming investments and economy in full swing.


So why is Berita Semasa a talk of the globe?

BR1M 2017 itself marked high grades in the economic chapters of Malaysia. In accordance with the proposition, families within the low-income bracket, earning less than RM3000 were granted RM500 as assistance. Individuals with meagre pay of less than RM2000 also availed compensation of RM250. As mentioned before, renewal of economic policies kept rolling and Berita Terkini is the latest on boards. Proposed and implemented in the budget of 2017, the funds surged up from RM500 to RM1200 for families earning below RM3000. Additional funds of RM900 are extended to families falling within the bracket of RM3000-RM4000. Last but not the least; singles with abated earnings of less than RM2000 can now avail decent funds of RM500.

The sudden surge of fiscal amenities did raise eyebrows. However, what amplified government’s popularity by leaps and bounds was the newly added bereavement scheme. This new scheme proposed immediate assistance of RM1000 to the closes kin of a BR1M recipient in case of an unfortunate event.

Doubts as to how the government is going to befit after handing out billions of ringgits as compensation to the poor and underprivileged has been popping in the brains of many. Well, it is a brilliant strategy. Increased cash in the hands of civilians imply upsurge of domestic consumption. Since consumer spending ratio hikes up, there are golden opportunities of lucrative investments in the nation. Obviously, businesses will see a profitable roll out. There will be a hike in salaries, taxes and so on so forth. In a nutshell, the government will be bagging in more than it shells out in the form of compensation.

To enroll for Berita Terkini, you must be versed about a few essential criteria.

  • One must be a Malaysian Citizen. To avail the benefits of compensation and funds, one must be residing in the country during the period. Please remember, funds are not allocated to those living overseas.
  • Households and individuals can apply for the funds only if they fall into the stated income bracket. For singles, one must be 21 years and above.
  • Information of applicants must be up to date. The name registered must spell the same as in bank accounts. No forms of corporate accounts and joint holders will be allowed for the compensation.

To stay schooled about the latest nitty-gritty’s, keep watching its official Facebook page and follow the news on Berita Semasa.

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