Best solutions for Anytime Music listening:  Music Timeline

Music is an anytime things, nobody prep for it.  You will love to get the best and largest songs collection including you favorites, new releases and various categories along with top chartbusters like top 10 romantic songs of 2017 or heart touching sad songs of 2017 or may be top party songs anywhere and anytime.  You can look for timeline of listening music devices and how it move one to now


 Timeline of Music listening devices

  1. Ancient and Early Players : At the early stage of invention devices like gramophone , old tape players another devices  before the pre-cassette era, the music  was popular with these device only and thus not portable like today and more heavy.
  2. Cassettes players: Cassette players do come very popular and leaded the market even after boon of compact disk and CD or DVD players. People are madly in hobbies like to collect various those cassettes as collection of best romantic songs, best sad songs or artist oriented song collection. The market was very big and expanded but doomed after the arrival of USB storages. Some cassette players are so portable like to carry with yourself and listen songs with putting cassette in it and listening with earphone but limitation of  storage as of collecting cassettes is difficult to carry all the time.
  3. CD players: The CD and DVD players in portable size do change the technology of storing but the same limitation issue continues with that however the y store more songs than cassette and easy to carry.
  4. Digital storage: The digital storage as USB storages, Memory cards ,memory sticks and phone memory came with option of carrying number of songs in just a single platform which is so small to carry and access.
  5. Online Music: After the storing music in expanded memories like 16 gb or 32gb but still with limitation and issue of any possibility with corrupted data, virus and other storage issues . So online websites are there to download and listen the songs online.
  6. Streaming music: Streaming technology comes where music is downloaded in a temporary form to listen it without buffering at that time only. It gives instant access to music along with availability as in various online music websites, video sharing websites and other platforms like mobile apps.
  7. Mobile apps : Various smart phones ‘s interface oriented platform like  for android, ios etc , there made music applications which are portable as in smartphones gives your millions of songs collection in various genres, moods, types, languages and other categories with streaming feature of music .

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