Chilli Peppers: How to Preserve Them

Many people love to add herbs and spices into their dishes and chillies is one of the most popular options, whether it is chilli powder or chilli oil. However, if you have grown your own chillies, which many people enjoy to do, it is essential to know how to preserve them properly.

There are a variety of ways to preserve chillies, for example drying and freezing. We will outline certain ways on how you can preserve the chillies you grow in order to enjoy them whenever you desire.


Many people choose this method as it’s classed as the easiest. Drying the pepper out is essential to preserving it; this is because it takes away the moisture from within the pepper. You’re able to hang the peppers out to dry. They are normally bunched together and hung in a warm place until they dry out. However, other people tend to over dry the peppers due to it being a lot faster, your temperature of the oven must be low and they’re often dried out within 15 minutes.


Freezing the peppers is also an easy way to preserve, this is because all you have to do is simply put them in the freezer and take them out when you’re ready to cook. However, there are a few things which are required you do before sticking them in to freeze, for example taking the seeds out and cutting them into the size of how you would like them in your food.

However, if it’s some chilli recipes you’re after then there are plenty online which can give you tips and advice on great things to cook. Many people would rather grow their own chillies than buy in a supermarket. This is because they say that the chillies are healthier, tastier and many love the thrill of actually growing it and one-way people do this, is growing hydroponically.

Hydroponics is great to grow plants all year-round and many people tend to decide to grow fruit and vegetables. This is because with hydroponics you can grow more plants in a smaller space and they grow remarkably quicker than if they were to be grown in soil – they taste better too! Many people choose to grow a variety of things, for example grapes, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes and chillies especially have been one of the most popular vegetable of choice to grow.

If you would like to add extra taste to your food, or perhaps its chilli oil or chutney you would like to make then consider growing it hydroponically. Grow tent kits are great for people who are starting up with hydroponics, this is because it has everything you needto get up and running.

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