Clenbuterol  – Use It Sensibly And Carefully For Its Fat Cutting Properties

Clenbuterol commonly used by the medical professionals for the treatment of breathing difficulties in COPD or asthma patients is also extremely popular among fitness freaks and bodybuilders for its metabolism stimulating properties.

If you are searching for a fat loss/fitness supplement to your workout routine and achieve accelerated results, Clenbuterol is the choice of many and is popular among the users in the name of Clen.

Mechanism of action of Clen and its benefits over a period of time

Clen is legally used by the veterinary community for building lean muscle mass in live stocks and this property of Clen makes it popular among gym goers and bodybuilders. However, these anabolic effects though achievable among animals can be produced among humans only at high concentrations of Clen, thus is making it unsuitable for consumption.


This is the reason that Clen is illegally distributed in many regions of the world. Clen activates beta-2 receptors in the CNS similar to ephedrine, thus producing more heat and energy and promotes lipolysis to release energy from fat tissues to be used by muscles.

Clen is known to cut down fat deposits in the following ways:

  • It actively breaks down the fat stores of the body.
  • It feeds the muscles with the energy released during the process of fat breakdown.
  • It causes mitochondrial component of the cells to ramp up the body heat.
  • In doing so, Clen suppresses the appetite thus making fat loss easier.
  • It thus provides more fuel and oxygen to voluntary muscles, thus increasing the cardiovascular capacity of the consumer.
  • Thus, during your routine work out sessions your muscles are constantly being fed in turn preventing muscle wasting .

How does Clen differs from the marketed anabolic steroids?

  • Clen does cause fat loss while keeping the muscles intact, but it is not believed to be an anabolic steroid.
  • Instead it works by producing anti-catabolic effect to protect muscle wasting.
  • It just mimics the steroid to produce immense strength and energy in the consumers.

It is often combined with steroids to produce drastic effects.

Does Clen produce steroid like side effects?

Though it does not produce steroid like side effects, it comes with its own set of associated side effects and risks such as:

  • feeling of being nervous every time
  • Causes the thyroid to become overactive
  • Increase in the normal resting heart rate
  • Causes blood vessel narrowing, which is a serious effect requiring prompt medical attention.

If you are consuming Clen for any specific reason, it is important that you must undergo regular medical check up to avoid any fatal side effect. Clen does makes you look ripped, but it carries way many risks than benefits, so use it wisely.

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