Contentmart – A Building Bridge Between Clients & Writers

The world of content marketing can be ominous if you do not have the perfect writer collaborating with you. With Contentmart, the task of finding a writer to suit your needs becomes easy. This content marketplace functions as a platform to connect content writers in India with entrepreneurs, Internet marketers, and online enterprises from across the globe.

The Beauty of Contentmart

Most e-commerce companies and Internet marketers do not have the resources to create search engine optimized and informative content that can satiate the ever-hungry content beast. Hiring a full-time content creation expert can be expensive, and many small and medium-sized organizations and professional online marketers may not be able to afford the added expense of hiring a full-time content writer. This where freelancer writers can be invaluable assets; they can help you further your content marketing strategy so that you can keep your audience engaged and boost your online presence.

But, the big question that most online organizations pose is where do they find high-quality content writers. The answer is Contentmart.

Contentmart redefines the meaning and concept of globalization. Distances become meaningless when you have the luxury of posting content writing jobs from the comfort of your home and can hire the services of a qualified freelancer content writer. Contentmart is a bridge that connects talented, experienced and knowledgeable freelancer writers in India with clients, who are seeking premium-quality content.

Features in Contentmart

The Contentmart platform comes with a user-friendly interface, both for the clients and writers. Clients can request content by following simple and self-explanatory steps. They have the power to allocate delivery deadline and rate for the entire project.


The content marketplace boasts more than 10,000 proficient writers, who can bid on each project based on the requirements mentioned by the client. However, you, the client, have the power to allot the project to a content creator you feel will be the most apt for the project. You can check writer profiles, ratings and reviews by other clients before making the final decision.

On the other hand, content writers in India can easily get access to premium-quality writing projects without searching for clients or marketing themselves to garner attention of prospective clients.

The escrow system safeguards clients and freelancer writers. Once the writer delivers the content, the client can review the work and request iterations before accepting the completed work. However, the client has to necessarily rate the quality of work based on several parameters, as it is only after that the writer get compensated for the project.

The Bottom Line

Contentmart is a place for clients, who require relevant and high-quality content, and writers, who are versatile and talented. Whether you are a blogger, e-commerce specialist or an enterprise venturing into the digital world of online marketing, you can ensure your content strategy never takes a backseat. Let a bridge called Contentmart lead you to talented freelancer writers, who are waiting to fulfill your content requirement.

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