Facts that can make you to travel Albania: Informative, Interesting & Guiding

There is a section of people who may think that Albania is a less developed country without proper amenities which is certainly not true and definitely a myth although there are people who understand the tourism potential of this beautiful historic and landscaping country as you can find the mesmerizing combination of epic historical sites in the form of whole museum cities , the lush green mountainous valleys and sports adventure spots, the exotic beaches and exquisite taste of fine arts, explicit cuisine, delicious wine and  heart welcoming culture. The rest you need to know the Albania facts which will completely make you fall in love with the place.


Know the facts and fall in love with the country of mountains, history, architecture, & beaches

  1. Mysterious and interesting history: When you explore the city Berat which is also called as the city of museums you will find so much to get involved into and drown yourself into stories and mysteries of past related to Albanians, Romans and other related war epics.
  2. The undiscovered cities of Albania: Albania’s most beautiful fact is being untouched by the commercialized tourism and vast flow of tourism. There is so much to explore and there are several things that are not under the light, cities with past and history, cities with stories. Apart from historical sites and Museum cities, there are high mountains, valleys, beaches, caves, long road routes and numerous places which are still not visited.
  3. Tirana: Tirana, the capital city is itself a fact, a fact that says you should definitely visit Albania if you are looking for something new and different in European and tired of Greece, Paris or Italy. You can enjoy the nightlife of Tirana, the wonderful evenings, beach clubs, Broad Street, beautiful architecture, luxury Albania hotels, Albanian cuisine, reasonable shopping and what not!
  4. Visit the country of Mother Teresa: you will be amazed to know that though Mother Teresa lived in India but actually she was Albanian and born in Skopje.
  5. Albania is country of mountains outlined with sea coast: You can say that it is mountain country as more than 70 per cent of the country is mountain where the Adriatic coast and Ionian coast are outlined with its borders.
  6. Amazing serving combination: It is simply unnoticed that how beautifully Albania has a perfect combination or package of such factors for which people visit separate places. The place is a treasure with archeological country serving history and culture of country with UNESCO historical sites and museums, monuments and early architecture along with natural landscapes and there is also a variety in beaches and mountains. You cannot forget the culture and colorful building there, inexpensive shopping, Albanian cuisine and yes, the mouthwatering wine.
  7. Warm welcoming Country: How lovely it is that they greet the tourist and guest with open heart; you will be very delighted to witness their services. The police is even polite with tourists and so very helpful. They are very hospitable and open to conversations.

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