Golf Industry is Dying with ValueMags

Among many executives and business professionals in the world, many including the gentlemen at ValueMags are golfers. Golf has only recently been considered a female sport. Since Brooke Henderson has entered the game, the following of female golf has sky rocketed. Golf continues to be a sport for the rich and for businessmen however. Often times, ValueMags executives will take their clients out for a game of golf.

Unfortunately though, the gap between individuals playing occasionally or for fun and those that heavily compete is growing. ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz has found that the 80 scoring golfer is no longer existent. Golf is dying and it needs to reinvent itself. Only the rich clubs will stay open and only the rich will continue playing as the sport gets more and more expensive. This means that the sport needs to reinvent itself.


Golf Digest is a magazine that is offered internationally and is one that Degenholtz and the ValueMags team would like to partner with. The ValueMags team strongly believes that through their mobility digital platform, they could get younger generations involved in the sport in a more effective way. The ValueMags new mobility reader platform will not only offer all their magazines, it can encourage young kids to read at the same time which is a great selling point to parents. They are the ones paying when kids start playing any sport for the most part. This means that Degenholtz has to figure out a unique way to approach the publishers of Golf Digest. It is a magazine that is especially intriguing for him and his kids who have just taken up the sport.

It is not secret the golf is a dying sport and it needs to reinvent itself fast before the sport dies out completely. What do you think ValueMags and Gold Digest should do to reinvent the sport? Comment your ideas below or at the ValueMags new blog!

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