Horse Racing, A Source Of Big Money And Amusement

Horse racing, the most popular sport has been there since the ancient periods. Many people go to the racecourse as they love horses that encourage the passionate guys to sacrifice everything else but watch them running for their masters and the public. The activities are often caught on film this is the oldest horse race that tempt the race lovers to have a glance at it.

Many of you must have watched the prominent movies including National Velvet, The Black Stallion, Black Gold and Hidalgo that are centered on the horses that are involved in races. The horse lovers with their strong bond with the horses see such movies with deep thought as it attracts the audience. The viewers are greatly impressed with the scenes on film this is the oldest horse race that entertain them fully. The other prominent movies relevant to horse racing are Secretariat, Shergar, Dreamer and On The Nose that highlight the entertaining horse racing activities. Likewise Dead Heat centering on the horses and the people interested in horse racing is also quite interesting. Passionate about horse races, the people that are unable to go to the race courses in person often quench their thirst for this sport by watching such entertaining movies on film this is the oldest horse race that facilitates joy and satisfaction.

Though the horse racing is focused on betting by large numbers of people, yet the aspect of just amusement also remains the focal point for many guys. They are interested more in being amused rather than making money by wagering on the prospective winning horses. Entertainment is the sole motive of these passionate people that go to the race courses to see the horses fighting against their counterparts. The horses themselves may not get anything except the appreciations by the people but their masters and the bettors do get enough money when these animals win the races.

Many of you might have heard about the prominent horse race, i.e. the Palio de Siena that is held each year. Pitting ten horses and the riders it is held by employing the horses that are made to run around the square three times that last just for few minutes. An exciting atmosphere is created with this world famous horse race that is a great source of amusement and money too. Another old horse race is Hermosilla that dates back to about fifteen years.

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that the horses running for races often have short life spans. Many of them are slaughtered once they become no more useful for races. Those interested in fun and not in money are greatly discouraged with this sad aspect associated with the poor horses that run for their masters and the public and enable them to enjoy big buck.

People passionate after horse racing are not going to be deterred with its downsides. This root of money has been there since the ancient times and would exist for long.

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