How to Buy the Right Clothes for Big & Tall Men in 2017

It’s great that nowadays there are more options for men who want clothes that actually fit them. Most guys are definitely not “medium-sized,” and it’s always a challenge to find excellent clothing for big & tall men.

The problem is that many brands who claim to offer clothes for larger men seem to just offer huge shirts and jackets that look like cloaks. They churn out saggy and baggy clothes that are at least not too small. But just because they’re bigger doesn’t really mean that they actually fit bigger men. This is especially true for men who are both big and tall. Often these clothes are for those who are just big or just tall.

Of course, you can always solve this problem with bespoke tailoring. That’s a very expensive proposition, and not all of us are multimillionaire football players or NBA superstars. So what can you do instead? Here are some tips that can help:

  • It’s true that you may still want to have a tailor around to make small adjustments for the clothes you buy off the rack. A good tailor won’t have any trouble taking in sleeves and waists. The right tailor can narrow the shirts you buy to fit your waist, and this will be at a much lower cost than having a tailor make shirts for you from scratch.
  • If you have a broad build, you’ll look better with a balanced look for your entire outfit. You can have your tailor achieve this effect with the shirts you get. It’s better than wearing a shirt that doesn’t quite fit you, so that it seems draped over you like a cloak.
  • How often do you read about clothes with a “slimming effect?” Probably too much, right? However, you may want to hold off limiting your wardrobe to just these “slimming” clothes. That’s because these clothes are designed to hide your size, and generally such tactics don’t come out looking all that great. What’s more important than having vertical stripes for slimming is to make sure that your clothing details are located properly. Your sleeves should end right at the base of your wrist. Your shirt pocket shouldn’t sag too low on your chest, but not too high either.
  • For your pants, your best option is to wear them around your natural waist instead of around the hips. This offers a good look, as the trouser fabric drapes over your stomach and it falls smoothly down your front.

If you wear your trousers lower, then they’ll fall unless you really tighten them with your belt. This causes the trousers fabric to drape over the belt instead, and so you end up with an unattractive bulge in your shirt front.

  • For bigger men, belts are generally not the best options at all. These things tend to make bigger guys look pinched and uncomfortable. Instead, you should try suspenders. They tend to look better on bigger guys, and they’re a lot comfier too.
  • Go for pleats with your trousers, as they’re very comfy as well. Just make sure your pants are loose enough around your thighs so that when you stand the pleats are fully closed.
  • For shirts, the most important thing is that they’re long enough and fitted enough. They should be long enough for you to tuck them inside your trousers securely. They should also be fitted properly so that when you tuck in the shirt you don’t get that large billow of cloth around your waist. These rules apply to all shirts—business dress shirts, polo shirts, or even casual T-shirts.

You deserve to have shirts and trousers that fit so that you look good. So patronize the shops that actually offer outfits in your size, and find a good tailor who can make the adjustments for you so that they will really fit your measurements.

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