How to Play Fantasy Cricket League?

Cricket is one of the most famous games in the world. With the introduction of national leagues and commercial professional leagues like the Indian Premier League, cricket has reached a new level of popularity. The simple yet highly engaging nature of the game has most of us hooked to watching the entirety of the game. With such an increasing popularity, fantasy cricket betting was bound to start in the form of fantasy cricket leagues.

Fantasy cricket league is a way of playing and betting on teams and players legally and in a virtual playing setup. In case you are just starting to play fantasy cricket league, you should know how to play it first. It isn’t exactly like regular cricket as it is played virtually and the players aren’t real but have the same statistics and playing styles as real players. Here are a few steps to play fantasy cricket league:

  1. Select Game Format

The first thing that you need to do is select whether you would be playing one of these three game formats: ODI, T20 and Test cricket. Test is the oldest cricket format and T20 is the latest and the most popular one.

  1. Select Players

You select a 14 player squad. This would have a playing eleven selection and 3 substitutes. You can select any player you want from the match teams that are playing. Make up your strategy i.e. batting and bowling orders of the playing 11. You can make unlimited changes to your players at least an hour before the live match starts.

  1. How to Win?

The winning is different in each game format. For a test game, two rules apply – bowling innings end when your bowlers have taken 10 wickets in total and batting innings end once the declaration score is reached. To win the match, your bowlers must take 10 wickets while giving lesser runs than the ones scored by your batsmen. In case the runs are less for your batsmen, then you lose and in case the runs are less for your bowlers but they didn’t take 10 wickets, it’s a draw.

For ODI and T20, the number of overs are fixed. The rest of the rules are same. The two rules here are that players can score only for a maximum of 300 for ODI and 120 for T20. Same goes for bowling. If your bowlers took 10 wickets or bowled the limited overs for lesser runs than what your batsmen scored, then you win, and if the runs are equal, it’s a draw, else you lose.

  1. Winning Money:

There are two types of leagues, free and paid. You win less cash prizes in free leagues and more prizes in paid leagues. In case you opt for free leagues, you would get cash prizes for every match your team wins but in case you opt for paid leagues, you would get higher cash prizes for every match and get a bonus tournament cash prize for the entire tournament.

It would get some time to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you can win big bucks with very little efforts.

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