Important Qualities Every Good Manager Should Possess

It’s no secret that companies are always in need of great managers. If you’ve worked in a few different jobs, then you will probably be aware that there are some people who do really well in management positions, whilst others don’t seem to be able to manage at all. Managers are expected to be good at managing time and people, but there is a range of other qualities that makes a manager a really great boss to have. Whether you’re looking for the perfect manager for your company or want to become a better manager yourself, read on for some of the best qualities that all managers should have.

Non-Judgemental Attitude:

Being a manager is a difficult position as you will be required to judge things such as employees’ performance, their appearance or work ethic, for example, however, on the other side, it is also important for you to have a non-judgemental attitude towards people. As a manager, it is not your place to judge employees on the basis of anything other than their performance in the workplace. It’s important that employees know that they can come to you for assistance with any issues that could be affecting their work life.

Positive Attitude:

A manager with a positive attitude can make a huge difference to the workplace. Seeing the best in people often helps to bring it out of them, and a ‘can-do’ attitude, coming up with positive solutions and trying to see the ‘bright side’ in any situation that you can means that your employees will follow suit and can significantly improve workplace morale. Diploma of leadership and management online courses will teach you the basics, but with a positive attitude, all your management skills become so much more useful.


A good manager will always be able to put his or herself in an employee’s shoes when dealing with a problem. Managers who are not empathetic and seemingly ‘don’t care’ about their problems are not somebody that an employee will want to come and speak to, even if things go seriously wrong for them. A little empathy can go a long way in a management position; remember that your employees are human too and that life is unpredictable.


Good managers possess a variety of different traits, however, being honest is one of the most important. Not only are honest managers respected more by their own superiors, they will also be held in high esteem by their employees, who can trust them completely to always tell them how it is and be thoroughly transparent. Being honest with your employees is vital for improving and maintaining a high level of satisfaction in the workplace.


Lastly, it’s absolutely crucial that all good managers possess the virtue of patience. In a workplace setting, nobody likes a manager who will blow their top at employees or are unable to keep cool if things are going wrong. Being patient and able to keep a calm demeanour even in stressful or frustrating situations is one of the qualities that makes a good manager a good leader in any business.

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