PhenApex, and alternative Phentermine weight loss drug

In 1959, Phentermine drug was approved as a weight loss and obesity correction prescribed medication. But in 1997, Phentermine containing fenfluramine that damages heart valves was pulled out from the market. Phentermine causes addiction, abuse, overdose, misuse and withdrawal. It was classified as Schedule IV. Purchasing Phentermine required mandatory prescription. PhenApex supplement is known as Fenapex, Apex-TX5, Phenapex, are alternative Phentermine weight loss drug available over-the-counter.


Manufacturer and Distributors of PhenApex:

PhenApex is manufactured by GS Labs in Utah and sell this product as a dietary supplement. It helps in the fat burning process while suppressing the appetite and boosting the resting metabolic rate. The same product is available from Amazon. Ingredients are not clearly stated. Synephrine is mentioned as bitter orange. PhenApex supplement is a safer alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine because of its ingredients. The main ingredients are as follows:

  • 7-keto
  • L-carnitine
  • L-phenylalanine
  • Synephrine
  • Taurine


Users have reported that PhenApex works for some but not for all. Reason depends on several factors like health of a person before using the supplement. Other factors are for losing weight like diet and exercise. Natural ingredient of PhenApex like black pepper extract is not clinically researched so effects are unknown. Some users have mentioned clearly that their appetite has been suppressed. Also, it works as a fat burner. According to the users, the following side effects have been found:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Jitteriness
  • Nausea
  • Sleeplessness

Causes of side effects related to Ingredients:

The cause of the side effect could be for each ingredient:

  • 7-keto: Known as 7-keto DHEA is a bi-product of DHEA. In women, DHEA hormone causes baldness, facial hair, deepening of the voice, and weight gain. In men, DHEA causes breast enlargement and testicular wasting. Also, DHEA has been associated with cancer in breasts, ovaries, and prostate.
  • L-carnitine: Causes nausea, diarrhoea, heartburn, seizures, stomach upset, and vomiting. Also, it causes an odour of fish in the breath, sweat, and urine.
  • L-phenylalanine: Multiple forms of amino acid are used. It is found in eggs, cheese, milk, and meat. The L-phenylalanine form used is the naturally occurring amino acid. The body uses it to make tyrosine, a precursor for monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine.
  • Synephrine: This is a safer alternative than ephedrine counterpart. Synephrine stimulates heart rate even to dangerous levels. It also increases blood pressure that can cause weakening of walls of the blood vessels. Synephrine has causes fainting, strokes, and heart attacks.
  • Taurine: Natural amino acid found in the body. However, excessive amount causes negative nitrogen balance reduces the metabolic rate and overwork the kidneys.
  • Tyrosine: This is essential for making serotonin required for making L-phenylalanine used as in anti-depressants. This substance creates hyperactivity, anxiety, and restlessness in the user.

PhenApex like other supplement or prescribed drug has many side effects due to ingredients. It is very difficult to predict how it would affect each user. Hence, while taking the medicine, the user should be careful and under the guidance of a physician.

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