Popular cocktail bars in Melbourne

Sometimes you want to just go out and enjoy a drink or two with your friends. A meal might be out of the question if you are after something light however Melbourne has a variety of bars and pubs that would be ideal for spending a night out with friends.


This list will give you some of the best cocktail bars in Melbourne.

  • The Everleigh: If you are after a special venue, this would be the ideal spot. You are well looked after by the trained staff who can help you make you drink selection. Whether you go in as a group of six or ten, you will each be served with warmth and have your chosen drinks in hand. They have a seated table service so small intimate gatherings would be ideal.
  • Bar Americano: one of the smallest but also among the finest bar in Melbourne. Located near two alleyways in the CBD, this tiny bar has space to accommodate just 10 people and is standing room only. The owner Hayden Lambert, is friendly and will suggest a cocktail whilst chatting to another person as the same time.
  • Black pearl and The Attic: both these bars serve up some of Melbourne’s best cocktails with a relaxed atmosphere. Located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, one of the busiest streets in Melbourne, it has a wide range of clients and can serve up a range of delicious tasting drinks.
  • Hihou: this Japanese styled cocktail bar some authentic Japanese style flavours including delicious sakes and finger food for example their famous Hi hou hot dog which is served with a pickled cabbage. You can choose to sit and enjoy your drinks overlooking the gardens or sit in the back room on floor cushions in traditional Japanese style.
  • The woods bar and kitchen: located on the south of the city on Chapel Street, if you are after delicious drinks and an old world charm, this would be the place. You get your cocktails with top end liquors, finger food and cigars. A nice and peaceful place to enjoy your drinks and forget the stress of daily life.
  • Bomba Rooftop bar: A rooftop bar is a whole different experience from the normal run of the mill bars and restaurants. They can be addictive once you frequent them a few times. Bomba is a rooftop bar found on the expensive side of Melbourne city. It resembles a penthouse balcony as opposed to a bar but the cocktails are so good that the décor would not bother you. It will add to the extravagant feel and you can even enjoy the drinks with tapas and Spanish wines.

Now that you have some great cocktail bars, why not head out to one and enjoy a night out with friends and family and have a great time out and have great food and drinks,

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