Pre-Event Planning Information

A successful company called GWC Valve International is planning an event for their new product launch and they have no idea where to start. Our advice to them is to create an event agenda in order to be as organized as possible. It is important to not pack the schedule, don’t hold complex thought sessions right after a meal, create participation and movement, and let the attendees relax during their meals or their cocktail hour. Many companies that host large events will have online registration management options that they will send you an invite to your email from a site like Eventbrite. When you are thinking of pre-planning not every company is a for-profit therefore the not-for-profit companies will try and get sponsorships for the event they will be hosting but you need to sell them on the idea that it will be worth it and you will be able to pay them back somehow. Depending on the type of event you’ll be able to find different types of sponsors, set sponsorship levels and make sure the benefits are clear. For example, you can market the company who sponsored your company their logo at your event. You need to get on the phone and send packets before being able to land your sponsorship and of course follow up with them after your event. It is important to actually cultivate the relationship with your sponsors and to give them plenty of publicity since they may want to work with you again in the future.


When it comes to pre-event planning, large companies will pay their employees to be there and help out and non-profit companies will recruit volunteers for their events. It is important to recruit more volunteers than you think you will need, colleges and high schools may be your primary target, businesses, clubs and associates, solicit through your website/social media, newsletters, current volunteers, friends and family and even board members.

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