Prepare Your Driveway for Winter

No one enjoys slipping their way to or from the front door, the car or office in the winter and so it makes perfect sense to prepare for the coldest months of the year by using the optimum landscaping materials on driveways and paths.

When you consider the list of landscaping materials, although all are aesthetically pleasing, the functionality they offer in bad weather can be compromised.

Paving, concrete and tarmac driveways, for example, are easily iced over because they present a flat and sheer base; there is little purchase underfoot or vehicle wheel.  Replicating a Torvill and Dean routine on your doorstep will entertain your neighbours but result in a probable visit to A&E.

The cost-effective solution

Driveway chippings from leading gravel suppliers like Rivar provide a variety of excellent grip, maximum kerb appeal options.

The individual chippings for driveways move underfoot, are often angular and don’t offer the welcoming surface that slabs do.  Frost, snow and ice can’t coat chippings to a detrimental effect. Utilising a larger size of gravel reduces the likelihood of compaction and a level surface forming. The unlevel surface from 20mm chippings significantly diminishes the hazards posed by 10mm driveway chippings.

You can opt for collection or delivery of chippings for driveways and don’t worry if you aren’t sure how much you require, including an additional amount for future top ups. The professionals can calculate this accurately and ensure continuity by using the same batch number gravel supplies.

Reflect your personality

Gravel suppliers stock a wide range of chippings for driveways, including locally sourced products including South Cerney Gravel and Toffee Gravel. Whilst these two products offer a traditional, classic appearance that can melt in to the surrounding landscape, Moonstone is an ideal chippings solution for monochrome schemes. Flamingo Gravel is blue-green, pink and white and Cheshire Pink features warming reds and plum-purples.

Whatever your tastes, there is a product to match so feel free to play with gravel supplies around the exterior of a property. Colour, texture and shape variance means that no space should look unappealing as the driveway chippings installed maintain safe transit.

Toffee Gravel:

  • 10mm and 20mm Thames Valley Flint.
  • Brown, white and toffee gravel.
  • Rich toasty/toffee tones.
  • Enduring and natural.
  • Available in gravel bulk bags or loose.

Moonstone Gravel: 

  • Captivating Thames Valley Flint in 10mm or 20mm.
  • Quarried around Thatcham and Newbury.
  • Black, white, brown and grey chippings.
  • The 10mm features less brown.
  • Angular, exciting, stylish.
  • Available in gravel bulk bags, half bulk bags or loose.

Flamingo Gravel:

  • 20mm mesmerising angular chips.
  • Blue, white, green and pink gravel.
  • Natural quartz content offers sparkle.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, 25kg bags.

Green basalt gravel:

  • This 20mm decorative gravel is a rich green.
  • Angular granite chippings.
  • Extremely long lasting.
  • Available in 20mm gravel bulk bags, 25kg bags.

Ask gravel supplies experts about gravel framework products and matting which minimise weeds and maximise tidiness.

Make your driveway and paths safer this winter.

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