Prezzo launches Christmas cracker calzone pizza

If you fancy Christmas dinner with a difference, you could head over to a Prezzo restaurant, where there is a festive cracker of a dish on the menu.

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The Italian restaurant chain is complementing its ordinary menu with a cracker-shaped pizza. The 30cm Christmas calzone is being billed as the perfect alternative to a roast dinner, whether you’re holding an office party, a lunch or dinner with friends, or you simply want to take a break from your Christmas shopping.

The festive pizza is being served up at Prezzo restaurants around the country and is very different from a traditional roast, although it does feature some of the same ingredients.

A festive treat

The Christmas cracker calzone is available at all of the Italian chain’s eateries until New Year’s Day. It is being offered as a festive special, but customers can still order from the standard menu if they would prefer.

The festive calzone is full of seasoned chicken, sage and onion stuffing, pancetta, baby potatoes, spinach, broccoli, cheeses and béchamel sauce and is formed to look like a Christmas cracker.

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Marie Neocleous, the brand manager at Prezzo, said that the chain’s restaurants are a popular place to hold celebrations over the festive season. He added that customers could continue to enjoy their favourite dishes whilst being offered the added “sprinkling of Christmas”.

Marie said that the Christmas cracker calzone was a great way of allowing customers to combine a love of pizza with a love of Christmas to enjoy what Prezzo believes is the ultimate Christmas meal.

What is a calzone?

Whilst some meals and ingredients are designed to be shown off in a display fridge counter from a company such as, the real beauty of the calzone is what secrets lie within it. A vast array of different ingredient combinations can be found inside, such as those featured on the BBC Good Food website at

A calzone is basically a pizza that is folded in half before being baked. It is a popular type of street food in Italy, especially in Naples, which is said to be the birthplace of pizza.

Unlike the Christmas calzone at Prezzo, they are normally designed to be a single-serving dish. Many people in Italy fold them up again and eat them as they are going about their business.

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