Signs of Anxiety Disorder –Be Careful of These

Feeling anxious every now and then is not an uncommon feat. In fact this is a common emotion. Some feel this when they are faced with problems. Some go through anxiety when they are about to make a decision about their lives or professional fronts. These are common and everyday thing. However, sometimes this common and everyday thing gets out of the hand. People begin to feel the burden of worry. This is called anxiety disorder. This is a completely different kind of emotion which rules. When suffering from this people usually lose the touch with reality. Curtis Cripe is a psychologist who has worked with several cases of anxiety disorder. He has seen a lot of people losing the touch with reality when attacked by anxiety. This mental disorder can be serious. Just imagine living a life with constant fear. This can be serious enough to send someone over into depression. So, when should you get help? When should you reach out to someone and talk about your problems? What are the signs of anxiety disorder?


Feeling panicked is the first sign of anxiety disorder. Additionally, fear also gets the best of the human beings. Fear together with the anxiety can play a great a role in creating negativity in human mind. Sleep disorder is another problem which people with anxiety disorder suffer from. When anxiety disorder takes over, people usually feel sweaty. Curtis Cripe warns people from shortness of breath as well. If you are suffering from some of the problems, you need to go see a psychologist. The problem occurs when people don’t seek help or take immediate action.

Curtis Cripe has been working with different types of psychological problems. He has treated numerous people. He has cures disorder of various kinds. His major work is treating addiction disorder, anxiety disorder and behavioral disorder. Not being able to sit still might be a normal case for children. However, this is not so for the adults. When someone cannot sit still for a long time, when the person gets the urge to keep moving, it might be a matter of anxiety disorder. It might be a matter of serious mental disorder. You need to seek help at the early stage. You need to seek someone professional to help you out.

So, what causes anxiety disorder? What makes people go mad with fear? What is the root of this constant fright? You might be wondering this. To be frank you are right to wonder this. To be frank it is not easy to detect the reason for anxiety disorder. What causes the problem, no one knows. However, there are researches which going on. There are a lot of things which the scientists have found out. Anxiety disorder usually occurs because of the changes in brain cells. However, sometimes people go through extreme environmental changes. When this happens usually anxiety disorder occurs.

In case, you are going through anxiety disorder which is hampering your daily life, you need to seek help. Do not delay in getting in touch a professional.

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