Six Common Health Issues in the Workplace

There are several health issues in several workplaces when it comes to any large organization such as the GWC Valves USA company. The company has experienced mainly stress and depression which can be seasonal for several employees therefore they decided to really emphasize to their employees that there is an Employee Assistance Program available to them.

The top six health issues in the workplace include:


  1. Stress: the biggest health issue in any workplace would involve employee stress which therefore leads to employee burnouts which is when they don’t have the physical or mental energy to do anything due to being so stressed. It is said that mental health issues are the leading cause to short-term disability and long-term disability claims. Due to this fact, several companies offer their employees the Employee Assistance Program which allows them to have a person break in order to not lose productivity at work and solve their personal issues.
  2. Depression: this ties in with stress and once again this is a common reason for an employee to take a short-term disability claim or long-term disability claim as well and possible taking advantage of the Employee Assistance Program available to them.
  3. Ergonomics: this is the art of fitting the workstation and work tools to the individual and having proper ergonomics is crucial in order to avoid things such as bad posture which will lead to physical pain for the employee such as experience back, shoulder, neck and even knee pain.
  4. Workplace smoking: employers will face a higher cost for health insurance and disability insurance as smoking is associated with numerous health problems. Also, it is said that employees who smoke have reduced productivity.
  5. Substance abuse: alcoholism and drug abuse are actually considered to be disabilities therefore that employee is expected to go through an EAP for a period of around three months to get better.
  6. Workplace toxins: this is the leading cause of work-related deaths around the world since I can develop cancer in several employees.

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