Things to Do and Places to Visit for Golf Aficionados in Sydney

Sydney is a place known as much for its spectacular views as for its friendly people. Images that conjure up in our minds with the mention of Sydney are of the Sydney Harbor and the view from the Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the spectacular Bondi beach and the various zoological parks that house the famous koala bears. Sydney boasts of quite a happening nightlife too and is a culinary delight for those looking to savour good food and mouthwatering desserts.

However, Sydney is a lot more versatile as a city with many facets that are unknown. Sydney has a lot more to offer other than the famous landmark destinations, especially for sports lovers. Sydney is known for two sports in particular, cricket and golf, especially golf.

Places to visit for golf lovers

Golf lovers, when in Sydney, will have a tough time trying to pay attention to their game. This is because of the scenic locations of most of the golf clubs and courses.

Golf course with beach view

A great idea would be to pick up golf gear and accessories from a golf outlet sydney and then head for the golf course facing the Bondi beach. It will be a one-of-its-kind experience to play with the sounds of the waves in the background and the spectacular view of the sea, sand and the sun. In fact, the golf course facing the Bondi beach is a 9 holes course thus ideal for those looking for a quick game while enjoying the picturesque views.

Golf course in the city

Another golf course that is apt for when in a hurry is the Moore Park Golf Club which is located in the Centennial Parklands and is just a few minutes drive from the city centre.

Golf course with view of city skyline

Close to the Sydney Airport is an 18 holes golf course, the Eastlake Golf Club, which offers spectacular views the skyline of the city of Sydney.

Golf course along the coast line

Described as one of the best and most picturesque golf courses sites in Sydney, the Long Reef Golf Club situated along the northern beaches of Sydney in Collaroy is a destination that must be visited by golf aficionados.

Golf courses in the vineyards

There are a number of golf courses and clubs situated a short distance away from Sydney in Hunter Valley which is a wine growing region. A number of Golf Clubs are situated among the vineyards, such as the Vintage Golf Club, Cypress Lakes Golf And Country Club and Hunter Valley Golf And Country Club which are great places to unwind and enjoy the game of golf. Along with, golf visitors can taste the wine and enjoy the delicious and sumptuous food thus making it a memorable visit spent relaxing.

Golf course cum resort

North of Sydney, about an hour’s drive away is the Riverside Oak. It boasts of having one of the top sport complex for golfers – ¬†golf courses in Sydney with views of the Hawkesbury River situated beside the golf course. Along with the golf course and the beautiful location, visitors can opt to stay over since the site has resort accommodation as well.

Golf lovers are spoilt for choice in Sydney considering the number of Golf Clubs present and each promising a different yet scenic view of Sydney.

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