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This is a review for a forex trading brokerage, but to many of people forex trading is more or less a foreign concept. So I decided to start my review explaining what forex trading is and what the benefits are. Forex is the foreign currency exchange. A decentralized global market were the worlds currencies are traded. It is the most liquid market in the world with a volume in excess of five trillion dollars. There are major advantages to trading the forex market. One being it is open twenty four hours. The market is worldwide, so as long as there is a market open somewhere in the world trading continues. There is also the fact that there in high liquidity in the forex. This means that assets can be converted to cash quickly. Transaction cost are another benefit. Transaction cost are built into the cost. Meaning the difference between buying and selling price. Another benefit is that brokers allow trader to leverage there trades. This means a trader can trade more money than is in there account. In better terms more profit. There is also quick profit to be made in currency pairs rising or falling, so regardless of whether the price falls or not you can profit.

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Now on to the forex trading review for Tradesprime wants to make sure investors that trade through there brokerage do so with the utmost confidence and clarity. To do so Trades Prime has provided an online trading program and demo account service for new traders. This is meant to help new trader to gain experience and test new strategies before ever risking any real money. If that doesn’t sound like a good deal I don’t know what does. In addition to there really great online training, they also have great trading resources such as economic market calendar, market dictionary, and market analysis. Personally as an experienced trader I have had great use of the economic market calendar. It is a great indicator of knowing when to trade and when not to or when a currency pair is too volatile. This has been a great resource for me, so I give the brokerage a big thumbs up for including it as a resource for traders. Some other benefits of this brokerage is that the company is licensed by regulators and withdrawing money is quick and easy. Also customer service is open twenty four hours a day during the work week. So if there is an issue it can be dealt with pretty fast.

The last thing I want to mention about this brokerage is that they offer multiple trading platforms to use. Now some people prefer one platform over the others, but I will be mentioning the one I am most familiar with and one of the most widely used the Meta Trader 4 platform. There is a reason Meta Trader 4 widely used. It is the standard for which all brokerages see as the most stable in open and closed trades. It is also very user friendly for the novice trader, but also for the most experienced. The platform is also language friendly and is widely used globally in a wide variety of languages. The charting is also a pretty cool feature that you can use to analyse data, but you can also personalize your charting to meet your personalize charting. Not all platforms give you that option. A unique and popular feature is that the platform also allows you to automate your trading. So you can even trade while sleeping. How cool is that? I would have to say that my review of this brokerage would be seen as well above average and I truly see a great future and growth for this company.

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