ValueMags Presents AFAR Magazine

ValueMags has a magazine that may be exciting for people looking to spice up their lives with a bit of adventure through travelling. AFAR magazine is the perfect magazine for individuals who wish to plan their vacations and learn more about the places they wish to visit. The topics covered in AFAR magazine about traveling are things that you may not find in a travel brochure or book. ValueMags promotes AFAR magazine to consumers who are interested in learning more about traveling as the magazine offers a variety of useful information, tips, and resources about traveling. For example, AFAR magazine offers a section of articles dedicated to reviewing and recommending hotels for travellers depending on where they’re travelling to.


ValueMags also promotes AFAR magazine because of the unique way it recommends different types of vacations to its readers. Depending on the type of vacation you wish to take, AFAR suggests different locations, resorts/hotels, activities, etc. Some examples of types of vacations include; solo vacations, road trips, romantic travel, global festivals, weekend getaways, summer travel, and the list goes on. ValueMags promotes AFAR magazine because of how easy they make it to plan your trip.

AFAR magazine also documents the journeys that some of its journalists have taken part of or experienced on their own. These articles are to give readers an idea of what it was like and to offer some reviews.

Depending on where you’re traveling, AFAR magazine offers a travel guide for its readers based on country or city. These travel guides give readers a suggestion of the best time of year to go visit that region, best methods of transportation once you’re there, recommendations of restaurants and bars, etc.

ValueMags has gotten great feedback from consumers on AFAR magazine. Its success continues to flourish.

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