Why Should You Include Animal Fats In Your Diet?

In an effort to combat obesity and other health issues, most people normally avoid including animal fat in their diets. For years, these individuals held the view that consuming such substances would result in heart problems and an increase in cholesterol levels apart from making them appear fat. However, contrary to popular belief, most leading dieticians and medical practitioners are of the opinion that this trend is both harmful and unscientific. These experts say that moderate consumption of such substances in plays a critical role in the health of most human beings. This is the reason why they advise their patients to include this vital ingredient in their dietary regime to ensure their well-being.

In fact, many agriculturists like Geoffrey Morell, the proprietor of P.A. Bowen Farmstead, explains that only the consumption of certain types of fats are harmful to people. These include processed fats from coy, vegetables, corn or peanuts. However, saturated and unrefined animal fats are a vital source of proteins and other essential nutrients that are beneficial to humans. The essential healthy benefits of eating moderate quantities of animal fat are as follows:


  • Enhance the health of the human brain

Most people are unaware that saturated animal fat constitutes to 60 % of the tissues in their brain. This is the reason why a diet that does not include animal fat affects the functioning of the human brain. In addition to vital fatty acid and omega 3, certain saturated fats are necessary to transport important vitamins like A, D, E and K, which the brain absorbs in order the operate properly.

  • Ensures better functioning of the lungs

The human lungs have a special coating, which is made of saturated animal fat. These organs need this substance in order to work properly. In fact, premature newborn infants who lack this essential substance develop breathing problems because their lungs cannot perform effectively. Doctors also clarify that people who do not consume adequate quantities are likely to develop asthma.

  • Boost the immune system

Prominent medical experts state that when the white blood cells due not adequate the saturated animal fat they need, it affects their functioning. Due to this, they fail to identify and destroy various forms of viruses and bacteria that enter an individual’s body.

  • Improves the health of the human heart

Regular intake of saturated fat in an individual’s diet plays an essential role in enhancing his/her cholesterol ratio, which goes a long way in enhancing the health of his/her heart. Moreover, it reduces that person’s chances of become a victim of a cardiovascular ailment. This is because of the reduction of triglycerides levels in that person’s system.

  • Increases bone strength

Adequate consumption of saturated animal fat helps to enhance calcium metabolism in the human body. While such substances do not provide the essential nutrients like calcium that the bones of an individual’s body needs, they act as a catalyst in helping the bones absorb such nutrients.

Geoffrey Morell explains that people should increase the intake of saturated animal fat in their diet for the above health reasons.

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